Video #1

Why animal chiropractic?

Explains why animal chiropractic treatment could be key in your pet's recovery from pain due to falls, arthritis, rough play, gait problems, and so forth. Treatment is like taking a pebble out of their shoe, so they can walk freely again. Pets are happier and more playful as a result.

Video #2

How animal chiropractic can help my pet

Explains how your pet could benefit from chiropractic care.

Video #3

Chiropractic examination and treatment of a dog

Demonstrates animal chiropractic, a safe and gentle treatment.

Video #4

Animal chiropractic at the Toronto Humane Society

Shows that animal chiropractic is used as a therapy for the animals at the Toronto Humane Society for better health.

Video #5

Subluxations and irritated nerves might be the cause of your pet's problem

Discusses the merits of animal chiropractic and the advantages of choosing this natural, safe, and gentle treatment for dealing with animal pain, arthritis, and gait problems.

Video #6

Post-surgical rehabilitation of a dog with chiropractic adjustments

Shows a dog before and after chiropractic treatment. The dog's ability to weight bear changes immediately after the adjustment.

Video #7

Post-traumatic, post-surgical animal chiropractic rehabilitation of a cat

Demonstrates a chiropractic exam and treatment of a cat for rehabilitation after surgical repair.

Video #8

Chiropractic on a dog with incontinence

Discusses how chiropractic helped a dog with arthritis, fatigue, stiffness, and incontinence after a few treatments over two weeks.