Below are some of the dogs and cats that Dr. Judy has treated over the years.


I have 3 wonderful things to say about our experience with Dr. Rosenberg Ben-Israel.

HuggerFirst, and most important, our beagle, Hugger, had been increasingly experiencing sudden disabling pain which appeared to be spinally related. He was given 3 treatments by Dr. Rosenberg, and he has not had an incident since.

Second, she was friendly, but low key. Had a wonderful manner with the dog.

Third, there was no expensive intimidating sales pitch for an endless course of treatments. Just a caring pragmatic approach. She suggested that 3 treatments should do the trick. And she was right. This is dog care as it really should be.

Taking a dog to a chiropractor?? I was a total skeptic. Have never even been to one myself. But today I am a total and grateful convert.

Nora P.


Calvin Our much loved but very aged Shi Tzu, Calvin, (he could have been as old as 19), had come through the winter without much ability to stand or walk anymore.

With regular chiropractic care, he regained the ability to walk short distances and the muscle strength to keep himself on 4 legs.

Thanks Dr. Judy for helping make Calvinís last days more enjoyable and dignified.

Michael S.


Kermit Chiropractic has been essential for Kermit's health.

Regular adjustments kept him off medications that were prescribed to him after an early diagnosis of hip dysplasia at 6 months old.

As he got older, the medication ultimately became necessary, chiropractic continues to be necessary as he still hurts himself when running after a squirrel! But an adjustment gets him right back to normal. Thank you!!

Mindi F.


Juliet Our yorkie-poo, Juliet, had surgery in February, 2011, for removal of her right rear femoral head that did not develop normally. She was 7 months old at the time.

After the surgery, she continued to walk on 3 legs and would not put weight on the leg at all. She would hide when it was time to go for her daily walks.

Our vet recommended physical therapy but we were concerned about the cost and the time commitment and weren't sure that the outcome would be positive.

After doing some research on line for a veterinarian chiroporactor in Toronto, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Rosenberg Ben-Israel.

After one treatment, Juliet began walking on all 4 legs but still favored the injured leg.

After 6 treatments, she gained full use of the leg and the muscle and tissue surrounding the area developed normally.

She now runs as fast or faster than her brother, Romeo, and loves to run and chose other dogs in the park and go for long walks! You would never know that she ever had a problem with her hind leg.

I would highly recommend Dr. Rosenberg Ben-Israel for your animals. During the treatment and manipulation, Juliet never indicated that she was in any pain and she loved going to the office for the special treats.

Diane D.


Sensi I took Sensi to Dr. Rosenberg Ben-Israel when I noticed she began limping on her left foot.

After being told by my vet that Sensi had arthritis, which is common in an aging dog, I decided to research some alternative options to the prescribed pain management medications recommended for a dog with arthritis.

I had heard of chiropractic care for pets before, but wasnít sure of how it worked.

After only a few visits with Dr. Rosenberg Ben-Israel, I began to notice a difference in Sensiís walking and overall movement. She was no longer limping and finding it much easier to get up.

I am very pleased that the chiropractic treatment was a success for Sensi, and would encourage other pet owners to consider it as an option.

Rachel A.

Anderson Dogs

Tomtom, Camaro, Bella, and Sid

Tomtom Camaro Bella Sid My dogs all go see Dr. Judy when I notice that they are not moving as comfortably and freely as they could.

Over time, she has seen my retired racing greyhounds (Tomtom and Camaro) to assess their soreness and gait irregularities.

She has alleviated my retriever's (Bella) mysterious hind end weakness and she is about to help me figure out why my rescued border collie's (Sid) lower back is tender.

Dr. Judy is naturally quiet and calm while she is working and my dogs have come to understand that her hands are given in friendship.

Susan A.


Tucker After the vet suggested a very invasive surgical procedure to correct Tucker's back problem, we searched for an alternative solution.

There is no doubt in our minds that the chiropractic adjustments Tucker received led to his quick recovery and continued good health.

Keith M.



Our beloved labrador Sydney was 13 years old when her back end really started to bother her.

She started having trouble getting up, with stairs, and getting into the car. This is pretty normal for an aging dog, but when I started noticing her hind end "sinking" while she stood, we knew we needed help.

She was a very healthy dog, and she had no other issues. She was prescribed pain medication by her vet, who also put us in touch with Dr. Judy Rosenberg Ben-Israel.

From our very first visit, I was overwhelmed with Dr. Judy's compassion, calm, and knowledge. Her technique is gentle and unobtrusive. Sydney was instantly taken with her, and really enjoyed our visits.

I noticed an instant improvement in Sydney. Her movements seemed easier, and more normal, and she seemed happier. Although there was no real way to stop the degeneration in her spine, Dr. Judy has been instrumental in making Sydney more comfortable and more mobile.

I do wish we had started her chiropractic treatments sooner. I wish I'd known there was such an alternative available. But we are grateful for Dr. Judy's help in making Sydney's golden years a little easier!



Zoe Dear Doctor Judy,

Meow-Mew very much for helping me with my tail. I've told all my friends--even the squirrels!



Champ Dr. Judy,

I have been recommending dog chiropractic sessions to a lot of people we meet when we see that their pet is having trouble.

You are one of a very few people that Champ would let prod and knead him without giving them ďattitudeĒ.

We could always see the difference (improvement) in his gait and endurance after he had his sessions with you and believe that in his last few years he was more comfortable because of it.

Pat & Brooke


Caesar Dr. Judy,

My loving Great Dane Caesar definitely enjoyed a higher quality of life thanks to your amazing work with him.

He so looked forward to your visits, and in spite of his hip dysplasia, he walked with pride and was so much better due to your treatments.

Christopher B.


Lola Lola is a 12 year old standard poodle who enjoys good health, has a wonderful disposition, and is a great companion.

Last summer, I noticed that she was favouring one of her paws and limping when walking.

This was unusual, so I consulted her vet. He thought it was an inflamation of the soft tissue that could be remedied with a prescription. When the drugs didn't help, he x-rayed her but couldn't find a problem.

After a few weeks of watching her in discomfort, I googled "dog + chiropractor + toronto". Dr. Judy's name came up and I called her immediately for the soonest available appointment.

When we arrived, Dr. Judy watched how Lola walked and did a thorough hands-on examination. She noticed a problem immediately and explained that a number of adjustments may be necessary before we saw lasting results.

However, after the first adjustment, I noticed an immediate improvement in Lola's condition!

Lola's disposition improved as well, because she had relief from the pain she was suffering.

Dr. Judy also showed me massage techniques I could do on Lola at home to encourage healing.

Lola became a regular visitor at Dr. Judy's office. There was never any hesitation from Lola when entering the clinic, a sure sign that she enjoyed visiting and wasn't nervous or fightened to enter. Inside the clinic, there was always a treat and a bowl of water to welcome her.

Kirk M.


Tommy Lola also has a "brother", Tommy, a 5 year old yorkie - pomeranian mix.

I didn't think Tommy had any health concerns, but he came along to Lola's chiropractic visits to keep her company.

Upon entering Dr. Judy's office, the first thing he did was pee on her floor!

This didn't bother Dr. Judy at all, but I was more worried than embarassed.

After examining Lola, Dr. Judy asked about Tommy's well-being. I said he seemed great, but apparently he had a very weak bladder (meaning I had to walk him frequently unless I wanted to find puddles all over the floor!).

Dr. Judy's response was, "we can work on that". And she did.

Tommy was a bit more suspicious of Dr. Judy, but after the first adjustment, he willingly went to her.

Over time and in combination with Dr. Judy's adjustments and a bit more training, Tommy was able to wait longer between walks. Lola and I are both very proud of him.

Based on my experience, I would encourage pet owners to consider all levels of chriopractic treatment at Dr. Judy's office - preventitive, acute, and maintenance.

Kirk M.